Provides a simple message of the day and rules functionality.

Loading the plugin

On Unix systems:

plugin /var/lib/uhub/ "motd=<filename> rules=<filename>"

Windows systems:

plugin c:\path\to\mod_welcome.dll "motd=<filename> rules=<filename>"


This plug-in provides mechanism for specifying a Message Of The Day (motd) when users are connecting, and also hub rules.

This information is sent automatically when users connect, or users can request this information using the !motd and !rules commands.

File format specification

The files need to be UTF-8 encoded text files, but these special substitutions can be used in the files:

code substitution
%% %
%n User's nick name
%a User's IP address
%c User's credentials
%H The hour as a decimal number using a 24-hour clock (range 00 to 23).
%I The hour as a decimal number using a 12-hour clock (range 01 to 12).
%p Either "AM" or "PM" according to the given time value, or the corresponding strings for the current locale. Noon is treated as "PM" and midnight as "AM".
%P Like %p but in lowercase: "am" or "pm".
%M The minute as a decimal number (range 00 to 59).
%S The second as a decimal number (range 00 to 60).