Updated bugtracker

2013-02-12 by janvidar

The Mantis bug tracker has been updated to the latest version. Let us know if you have any problems with it.

Enabled CAPTCHA in bug tracker

2013-01-28 by janvidar

Due to floods of fake registrations we have now enabled a simple CAPTCHA on the bug tracker registration form. Contact us on "uhub AT extatic dot org" If you have trouble registering.

uhub 0.4.1 is released

2012-11-08 by janvidar

This release improves SSL/TLS problems like high CPU utilization and some handshake detection errors. In addition the build system now uses CMake which replaces the old makefiles and VS project files. Otherwise the release contains several important fixes including crashes and stricter ADC protocol compliance.

uhub 0.4.0 is released

2012-05-29 by janvidar

This release adds plug-in support. A number of plug-ins are provided including, authentication using SQLite, logging and chat history. Plug-ins can be written in C. This release also address several SSL/TLS stability issues. In addition uhub now compiles and runs nicely on Windows systems, with Visual Studio Express 2010.

Updating documentation

2012-05-20 by janvidar

A lot of information in the documentation has become obsolete due to important changes in the 0.4.x branch of the code. For that reason we are working on updating the web pages in the coming days especially on the documentation. A new release is expected shortly, but is being held back by not having updated documentation.

uhub for Ubuntu and Debian.

2011-12-19 by janvidar

Uhub is now available in the official repositories for Debian testing (Wheezy). There is also a uhub PPA for ubuntu. Thanks Tehnick!

Anonymous bug access enabled

2011-08-09 by janvidar

It is now possible to view bugs anonymously without creating a user account. You are not able to edit, comment or update bug reports though.

Migrated to new server

2011-06-23 by janvidar, and have been migrated to a new server hosted by in London. The database is moved and no information is expected to be lost in the transition. moved to new host

2011-06-21 by janvidar

The website and bug tracker has been moved to a new host. Please report any unexpected issues.

uhub 0.3.2 is released

2010-06-01 by janvidar

This release primarily includes minor bug fixes for BSD and OSX users, added support for redirecting users when failing to log in, and code cleanups

uhub 0.3.1 is released

2010-04-05 by janvidar

After a few months of hard work we are proud to release the best uhub ever. This release adds support for banning old ADC clients (pre ADC/1.0), flood control, better OSX and BSD support as well as lots of other fixes.

Follow uhub on Twitter!

2010-01-26 by janvidar

You can now get all the latest announcements about uhub on Twitter.

uhub 0.3.0 is released

2010-01-24 by janvidar

We are proud to release 0.3.0 of uhub, the fastest ADC hub around. This release adds experimental SSL support and alot of new user commands. In addition there are lots of bugs fixed.

Windows builds

2009-11-02 by janvidar

Thanks to en_dator, you can now find up to date Win32 builds here.

New website!

2009-11-02 by janvidar

We just moved to a new domain, so please update your links! The new website for uhub is

uhub on OpenWRT

2009-07-07 by janvidar

It recently came to my attention that someone ported uhub to OpenWRT. Your next hub might be running on a linux router...

Core dumps

2009-06-22 by janvidar

If you are running uhub on Linux, please enable core dumps. This enables the development team to analyze crash problems. Read more about core dumps

Visit the official hub

2009-06-18 by janvidar

The official hub is hosted on adc:// Please come visit, users are welcome to stay. It helps us measure performance, and ensure general stability. Thanks :)

uhub 0.2.8 is released

2009-03-24 by janvidar

This release fixes a known assert which causes the hub to abort. In addition logfiles now have a cleaner output and should be easier to parse by scripts.

uhub 0.2.7 is released

2009-03-21 by janvidar

This release fixes two known crash bugs, socket issues with Xen+CentOS in addition to lots of cleanups and optimizations.

uhub 0.2.6 is released

2009-03-16 by janvidar

This release fixes serious bug which caused the hub to disconnect users at random, falsely blaming them for exceeding the send queue limit. In addition there have been many minor fixes, and general optimizations.

Bug tracker

2009-03-12 by janvidar

The uhub bug tracker has finally opened. Please report any bugs at (registration required).

uhub code hosted on GitHub

2009-02-19 by janvidar

As an effort to open up the development process behind uhub, we now uploaded the source code to GitHub. Find the latest sources here!

uhub 0.2.5 is released

2009-02-11 by janvidar

This release fixes problems with users being thrown out of large hubs due to excessive send queue which is directly caused by the login action itself. In addition several hub commands have been added, and the code have been cleaned up somewhat.

uhub 0.2.4 is released

2009-02-04 by janvidar

This release focuses on stability improvements, and fixes a few known crash bugs and aborts. In addition an configuration option to disable chat messages for non-privileged users have been added.

uhub 0.2.3 is released

2008-11-13 by janvidar

This release fixes issues on systems where the TCP/IP stack is not a fully dual-stack IPv6+IPv4 implementation. In such cases IPv6 is disabled, Windows XP is one such system. Related to that, the bind_server_addr configuration directive is fixed to behave as documented.

uhub 0.2.2 is released

2008-10-31 by janvidar

This release fixes one know crash bug, adds a low bandwidth mode which is useful for very large hubs. Minor changes have been done to the configuration subsystem. The hub has been benchmarked to handle over 10,000 concurrent and very active users.

uhub 0.2.1 is released

2008-10-21 by janvidar

This release fixes bugs related to limitations of share size, slots and hubs. It is now possible to configure uhub to allow overriding for NAT IPs in case clients exist behind the same NAT as the hub. Configuration files on Windows operating systems should now be parsed correctly.

uhub 0.2.0 is released

2008-10-18 by janvidar

This release contains lots of improvements and bug fixes. This release also adds support for the PING extension. Also new is experimental support for Windows XP and Vista.